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Hi! I'm Arwa Federal. It all started in my mother's kitchen. She encouraged my sisters and I to help her in the kitchen. The smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies overtook the house. Since that moment, I knew I wanted to be a baker.


My family always supported me. However, my teachers thought I was jeopardising my career by enrolling in a Hotel Management Degree program. Dismissing their views, I enrolled in the program to aid my career. 


I completed my last semester of college in Switzerland. After that, I returned to Dubai and got a job at a five-star property. I worked as a Commis (Junior) Chef in the pastry kitchen. The environment turned out to be more overpowering than I expected. The hours of work, physical effort, and work politics began to affect me mentally. I realised this wasn't the job for me. I began to work on something independently.

I first drafted recipes and moved on to sample cakes for friends and family. My first order dates back to the 22nd of November, 2005. It was a black forest cake. 


I continued to learn by attending workshops in Dubai, led by international cake artists. Sugar crafting was the first medium I explored. Throughout the years of my career, I have never stopped learning. No two days are ever the same. That's what motivates me.



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